'Reprehensible and racist:' Trump's remarks outrage Africans

Kenya Trump Immigration World Reactions

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Africans were shocked on Friday to find President Donald Trump had finally...


In trip to Chile, pope asks for forgiveness amid protests over clergy sex abuse

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. Pope Francis is in Chile this week on something of an apology tour. Chile has historically been a stronghold of the Catholic Church. Nearly half of the population identifies as Catholic. But secularism has made considerable inroads in the South American country lately,...


Behind the fiery rhetoric, the Palestinian leadership is cornered, flailing, analysts say

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. JERUSALEM -- It was 48 hours of bitter, fighting talk from Palestinian leaders as they scrambled to formulate a response to President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem decision and a nascent peace plan they said is biased in Israel’s favor. But analysts and political observers...


Pope acknowledges pain of abuse among victims _ and priests

Chile Pope-2

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Pope Francis dove head first into the sex abuse scandal that has devastated the Catholic Church’s credibility in Chile, apologizing Tuesday for the “irreparable damage” to victims, but also acknowledging the “pain” of priests who have been held collectively responsible for...


US meets Korean War allies, wants more pressure on NKorea

Canada South Korea-2

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on Tuesday for nations to step up the U.S.-led “maximum pressure” campaign against North Korea by thwarting sanctions evasion and interdicting ships conducting illicit trade with the pariah nation. The uncompromising message...


Slaying of rare voice of moderation among Kosovo's Serbs may fuel tensions in Balkans

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. The slaying of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic on Tuesday put a spotlight on new tensions in the Balkans, years after a violent conflict divided the region. Considered a moderate politician, Ivanovic was reportedly shot several times near his office Mitrovica,...


Canada's Fantasy Island: How a multibillion-dollar dream went up in smoke

(c) 2018, Foreign Policy. The island that was supposed to save British Columbia’s economy is perched on the banks of an underwater pasture at the mouth of the Skeena River, near the top of western Canada’s North Coast. Each year, hundreds of millions of young salmon cascade down from the province’s...


France's Macron, under pressure from angry allies, defends crackdowns on migrants

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. CALAIS, France - French President Emmanuel Macron fired back Tuesday at criticism from his political allies over the way he has handled the migrant issue - a controversy that has ballooned into the first real crisis of his young presidency. Before his election in May,...


A new foodie mecca: a restaurant where lake algae and crispy piranha skin rule

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. LIMA, Peru - Somewhere between the courses of high-altitude lake algae and cooked Peruvian clay came a bowl of frozen piranha heads, their jaws open and razor-sharp teeth bared. “You don’t eat the fish heads,” the waiter said, amused by my relieved look. Instead, they...


In a rarity, the Air Force temporarily deploys three kinds of bombers to the Pacific

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. B-52 Stratofortress bombers began arriving Tuesday at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, temporarily providing the Pentagon with a rarity as tensions with North Korea percolate: three kinds of bombers in the Pacific. The six B-52s and 300 airmen from Barksdale Air Force...


Tillerson opens summit with a vow to keep up pressure on North Korea

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday that the United States would not stop joint military exercises with South Korea in exchange for North Korea freezing its nuclear weapons program, and promised to keep squeezing Pyongyang...

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