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The Vietnam syndrome: How we lost it, why we need it

Vietnam War-Huet

“Once again we find ourselves mired in an incomprehensible land, amid people who distrust us. Once again we are aligned with a corrupt regime that couldn't survive without our help as we incur casualties in the pursuit of goals we never reach,” writes Steve Chapman.


Social Security and Medicare aren't entitlements. We've earned them

Social Security Options at 80

When I read David Spackman’s Sept. 5 letter to the editor, “Medicare, Social Security promote laziness and dependency,” I was totally disgusted. In fact, I read and re-read it four times to make sure I understood the full meaning. I did.  Who in their right mind would make...

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A cautionary tale about progressives losing their minds

Emmy Nominations Drama Actress-6

“The president doesn't want to impose his traditional sexual morality because, for starters, he doesn't have any to impose,” writes Rich Lowry.

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We need a single, comprehensive way to track Ogden's homeless population

Homeless Shelter Salt Lake-5

A fragmentary system of tracking and assisting homeless people opens the door to Rio Grande North.

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I think Instagram is eavesdropping on my conversations


“Call me paranoid, if you will, but it’ll take some convincing to make me believe otherwise,” writes Don Porter.


Confederate statues never should've been allowed

CORRECTION APTOPIX Confedrate Statues New Orleans-4

To attempt to equate the bomb damage in London left by the Nazis during the Second World War and the Civil War statues honoring a failed attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America is insanity (”America shouldn't be in the business of taking down statues,” D....

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Tribalism's dangerous triumph in America

APTOPIX Trump Protests-14

“We need the spirit of Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela in our politics, which is essentially to call for a miracle,” writes Michael Gerson.

Standard Deviations

Equifax offers us protection, but who'll protect us from the protectors?

Equifax Cyberattack

Sure, the consumer credit reporting agency coughed up the personal info of 143 million Americans. But hey, at least they’re offering us their “complimentary” services to guard the data they should have kept safe in the first place.

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Lawmakers are finding ways to shut down civil asset forfeiture

Trump Immigration-5

Civil asset forfeiture was adopted with good intentions. But it’s become a racket, and it needs to end

Guest Commentary

Philosophically speaking, a college education is a great value

BZ 042817 Weber State Graduation 10-4

Jeff Steagall provides four tips to make college “a truly transformative experience.”

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