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Trump is at war with the central ideal of the Republic

Trump gestures

“We have no idea how this struggle will unfold. But we know how it must end: with a president who raises our sights instead of lowering our standards,” writes Michael Gerson.

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The Ogden Winter Market — a place to come together as a community

MH 062417 Farmers Market Ogden 21-20

The Ogden Winter Market is good for our health, good for the economy and good for our sense of community.

Guest Commentary

Utah needs a long-term strategy to address its worker shortage

Secondary BZ 101017 OWATC New Facility 02-3

“The U.S. needs immigration reform, so the current discussion on how to keep foreigners out is the wrong discussion,” writes Jeff Steagall.


Register as a member of the Constitution Party

US Constitution

Earlier this month, a letter to the editor suggested that voters show their displeasure with the Democratic and Republican parties by changing their political affiliation to "non-affiliated" (“Register as an unaffiliated voter this year,” Jan. 2, Calene Van Noy). Of course, when voting...


Romney needs to run as an independent

Campaign 2016 Romney

It was kind of fun to be mentioned by another reader, Bob Burns, in his Jan. 4 letter to the editor encouraging folks to get involved with one of the two main parties. We agree on getting involved, but I maintain that the Republican and Democratic parties are fueling the toxic tribalism that is...

Behind Bars

Beyond Bars: Post-prison reunion with son something to cherish forever

BD 010418 Brian Wood 02

“My friend and I made some other stops, one of which I’ll talk about later, which would have been the highlight of a wonderful day, had it not been for the best possible ending,” Brian Wood writes this week. 

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Census racial data can unite instead of divide

Weber County Hispanics

“Sure, to some, it might seem like the census data is divisive. But the only thing that makes lifeless data a political weapon is people who use it to make others feel scared and threatened,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Ogden police car

This week: A new system to file police reports online, two caring high school communities, automatic voter registration, and the Davis County Jail.

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Buy off Trump with the wall

Trump Immigration

“It used to be that enhanced security on the border — and yes, a physical structure that in places is effectively a wall — had bipartisan support,” writes Rich Lowry.


If everyone contributed $1 a day, we could eliminate the federal debt


A year or two ago, a lady wrote you a letter expressing her concern about the federal debt. I was also thinking about that and wondering why no one was doing anything about it. The United States is said to be the richest nation in the world, and we can't clear up a debt that has to be affecting the...

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