Ogden immigrants worry after Trump axes DACA, say U.S., not Mexico, is home

BZ 091917 DACA Gisela 01

Clarissa and Gisela came to Utah when they were kids, brought from Mexico by their parents. DACA...


Ogden Hispanic Festival set for Saturday to highlight Latino culture

BS 101015 Hispanic Heritage Festival 07

The event, open to the public, will feature music, food vendors and more.

Health Care

Syracuse woman fights chronic, painful bladder condition

LEAD SW 092517 Jackie Owen Interstitial Cystitis 01

Jackie Owen of Syracuse was still teaching kindergarten when she was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 2006. Since then, she’s had to leave the career she loved and learn how to deal with intense daily pain that rarely backs off.


After no action from canal owner, Ogden to fix broken pipe under 4th Street

BZ 071417 Sinkhole 03

Prompting no action from the company that owns it, Ogden city will be forced to fix a leaking pipe that’s causing damage to one of their streets and creating headaches for some of their residents.


Uber's new `Good Cop' approach will face test in US city tussles

(c) 2017, Bloomberg. Uber is testing out a new conciliatory tone in London, where officials said they wouldn’t renew the ride-hailing service’s operating license. It’s going to have ample opportunity to see if that approach will work in the U.S. San Francisco’s city attorney is investigating...


Ivanka Trump's business ties shrouded in secrecy in China

China Ivanka's Secrets

SHANGHAI (AP) — It is no secret that the bulk of Ivanka Trump’s merchandise comes from China. But just which Chinese companies manufacture and export her handbags, shoes and clothes is more secret than ever, an Associated Press investigation has found. In the months since she took her White House...


Benghazi trial could undercut Sessions' push for tribunals

WASHINGTON (AP) — The trial of the suspected mastermind of the 2012 Benghazi, Libya, attacks will be one of the biggest terrorism cases yet for the U.S. Justice Department under a leader who has said it shouldn’t be handling such cases. Since his time as a U.S. senator, Jeff Sessions has argued...


Target is giving workers a big raise

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. As employers across the country are struggling to fill jobs, Target just took a bold step to attract and keep more workers. The retail giant unveiled plans Monday to raise its minimum hourly wage to $11 by October - and pledged to reach $15 in 2020. Hitting the $15...


Mexico tallying the economic cost of big earthquake

Mexico Earthquake

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican government officials are tallying up the economic losses of the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that caused widespread damage in the capital, but for the manager of a downtown restaurant, the result is already all too clear. Sitting in the entrance of his Guapa Papa restaurant...


As senators defect, GOP concedes health bill's fate bleak

Congress Health Overhaul-8

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Sen. Susan Collins’ decision to oppose the GOP push to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul leaves the effort all but dead, with even party leaders conceding that their prospects are dismal. “It’s going to be a heavy lift,” South Dakota Sen. John Thune,...


GOP, White House prepare to roll out tax cuts

Trump Taxes

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House and congressional Republicans are finalizing a tax plan that would slash the corporate rate while likely reducing the levy for the wealthiest Americans, with President Donald Trump ready to roll out the policy proposal at midweek. The grand plan to rewrite the...

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