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Syracuse’s Bauerle puts rough game behind her at state softball tournament

Wednesday , May 23, 2018 - 8:48 PM

TAYLORSVILLE — Ashtyn Bauerle put her headphones in, distanced herself from the world and eventually went to sleep. She had to; there was no sense dwelling anymore. She had another chance.

Back it up to Tuesday when Syracuse and Bingham were locked in a roller-coaster 6A state softball quarterfinal. 

Bingham had two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning with the bases loaded. Syracuse led 4-3 just needed one out, and a slow ground ball to Bauerle between first base and the pitcher’s circle made everyone think the game was about to end.

Instead of tossing it to first, Bauerle tried to tag the runner, Karly Wightman, out herself. Wightman was safe and the runner from third base scored to tie the game.

But in the confusion that followed as Syracuse players looked at the field judge at third base to make an out/safe call, another Bingham runner scored and ended the game.

“I felt really disappointed in myself and I know one play doesn’t really make a game, but the last play of the game, I kind of ... it was tough because I had pitched so good to that point and off of just a dumb little mind mistake ...” Bauerle said. “It was tough.”

> Bingham breaks Syracuse hearts after Schriever's 2 homers

What could’ve been a state semifinal berth instead put the Titans into the one-loss bracket.

A peak had turned into a valley, especially when the second of Ashlee Schriever’s two home runs had sucked the air from the Bingham dugout.

“I told her she had 10 hours to pout and be pissed and all that, but then after that, she had to come back because we’re going to ride her tomorrow,” head coach Kelly Anderson said.

Bauerle was visibly upset after the game to the point where she said she wanted to pull her hair out. The only thing she had left to do was to respond. And she did.

The Syracuse senior pitcher and Southern Utah signee threw two complete games Wednesday as the Titans beat Davis 9-7 and Layton 4-1 in the one-loss bracket of the 6A state softball championship.

“We always talk about the next pitch and I think that helps. My coaches really helped me on that, to just let it go and start a new day,” Bauerle said.

In the first game against Davis, the Titans had a big early cushion to work with after Fallyn Marshall hit two 2-run doubles. They scored nine runs, enough to weather a late Darts rally in a game that featured a lightning delay.

It was by no means easy. Syracuse had split the season series with the Darts and Lancers this year. 

“You’re 6 inches away from being in (the semifinal) right now versus grinding two against region opponents, that’s the hardest part is they know us, we know them and there’s no surprises,” Anderson said.

Against Layton, Bauerle allowed two hits and two strikeouts in what was a one-run ballgame for six innings until both she and Kylie Derrick scored in the seventh.

The final out was a soft line drive hit right to Bauerle. She threw the ball down on the ground, smiled and walked away.

But it won’t be the last time the Titans are on the field together. They get another shot at Bingham in the one-loss bracket at noon Thursday. 

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