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I Love Books welcomes Jill and Fred Sauceman for book signing

T. Glen Moody, PhD, Curator • Oct 7, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Why are some of us so grumpy who've had an easy life, relatively free from health issues, financial disaster, and personal pain and tragedy? Yet others we've always known as a “ray of sunshine,” it turns out, have suffered for decades with debilitating illnesses and near constant pain, but only the closest friends and relatives know that.

You'll have to ask Jill Sauceman that question – and you'll have an opportunity to do that in person when she signs copies of her new book, “Chased by the Wolf,” at I Love Books Bookstore on Sunday (Oct 7).

It's a bit of a spoiler alert, I know... but, her beloved husband Fred is not the “wolf” in the story (for those who remember euphemisms from an earlier time).

No, the wolf in Jill's story is the debilitating autoimmune disease “lupus nephritis.” “Lupus” is the Latin word for wolf and the disease was so named, possibly in reference to the “butterfly rash” often associated with the disease, said to resemble the facial markings of a wolf.

Jill has lived most of her life since late high school with the disease and she has fought many, many battles of illness, surgeries and hospital stays over the past 40-plus years. This book tells her entire story with lupus, from diagnosis through a myriad of treatments (and sometimes 'well-meaning' physicians) to her kidney transplant at Vanderbilt four years ago, and her well-managed life and working career during that time. Jill is an inspiration to us all and most casual acquaintances would never know all the physical maladies she has endured. Yet, a ray of sunshine!

This is Jill's first published book and is co-authored by her veteran writer husband, Fred Sauceman. Fred is known for many things related to Appalachian history, culture and society... and FOOD! Most of his books are food related and include his most recent history of Ridgewood Barbecue, “The Proffitts of Ridgewood.” Fred began his long and successful career in broadcasting, public relations and communication at Kingsport's WKPT-TV, although he grew up in Greeneville, Tennessee, where he also worked in radio.

He worked as assistant to the ETSU president and Director of University Relations for many years, and now serves as news director at WETS, the public radio station, and teaches in the Appalachian Studies program at ETSU. He is a regular speaker at civic clubs all over the Tri-Cities and is one of the South's leading experts on Southern and Appalachian foodways.

Jill and Fred have led extraordinary, not just ordinary, lives. And, amazingly, through lots of difficulties and obstacles. Stop by today (Sunday, Oct. 7) between 2 and 4 p.m. at I Love Books and have them sign a copy of the book. You'll love it!

I Love Books Bookstore is located on the upper level of the Fort Henry Mall, near JCPenney.

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